Living Life's Potential's mission is With the utmost dignity, respect and in a nonjudgmental way, help those who are transitioning from incarceration back into society who are facing homelessness, substance abuse issues and or mental health problems get the services needed to help them to become pro-social and productive members of society again.


What we do


We are a nonprofit organization called, "Living Life's Potential". Our Mission is to focus on helping those who are in transition from  incarceration back into society that are facing homelessness, continued substance   abuse issues and or mental health problems. "Living Life's Potential" works closely with CDCR Paroles as well as Federal and County Probation to seek the proper referrals for treatment resources needed to help the Client stay out of the Criminal Justice System as well as not become a homeless statistic.  

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Case Management

With  approval from Probation or Paroles,  our Case Management  team assists  the Client to start the process of  seeking the proper service referral(s) needed. Once a Service provider is contacted and an appointment is made and secured, the Client will receive any all of the information about the appointment as well as the service provider will have the information regarding the Client. 

The Client will be tracked by our Case Management team to make sure that the he or she is attending any and all of their appointments as required. The Probation or Parole Officer upon request will be given a  report on Clients attendance for services.

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Personalized Support Services

We work hand and hand with the Client to educate and empower them how to be accountable to themselves as well as to others by involving them in the process of seeking  the help that they need to become productive and law abiding citizens.

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